Tips To Remove Nail Paint Stains From Your House

Remove Nail Paint Stains

Bond cleaning includes a lot of stress especially when we have to remove stubborn stains. For a while, stains of coffee can be removed but what if the stains are of nail paints? Damn, it seems impossible to remove nail paint stains from floors, walls, or appliances. 

We get tempted by the beautiful colors of these nail paints but when it comes to removing these spilled nail polishes, it comes with a real struggle. However, Best Bond Cleaning Services Sunshine Coast have shared some methods to remove these stains easily.

Nail paints possess hard solvents which when come in contact with the floor tend to discolor them. We can lose our floor’s texture when we use the wrong stain removals. This blog is your complete guide on getting rid of nail paint stains without losing the texture of the floors.

These will be more effective if you react to the stains immediately because if it gets dry it will become difficult for you to handle.

What Are the Tips for Removing Nail Polish Stains in the House?


Removing nail polish from different surfaces is crucial but Professional Bond Cleaning services has suggested cleaning it at the same moment before it gets dried.

  1. Removing from the couch: Most of the time we have the habit of applying nail paint sitting on the couch, and there are high chance of getting the polish spilled over it. To remove it from the couch, you must check the label on your couch. Do a test on an unseen surface of the couch by applying solvent and check how it reacts. If it doesn’t damage the surface, you can use it. Now, take a tissue and put it on the stain to remove excess stain, do not wipe it as it will spread to most of the couch. Make a solvent of acetone nail remover and alcohol and dip a cloth into it. Let the cloth soak the solvent and then wipe the stain in a circular motion from that piece of cloth. Apply warm water onto the surface, blot the surface, and wipe it off with a new dry cloth.
  2. Suede Furniture: For removing stains from suede furniture, you can take a pinch or two of baking soda and add 2-3 drops of water to keep the consistency just like toothpaste for easy application. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes and remove it with a toothbrush. If it still doesn’t disappear, use an earbud dipped in alcohol and rub the stain to get rid of it.
  3. Carpets: Immediately use a blotting paper to remove excess stains from the carpet. If the stain is dried use a knife and scrape it off, use a vacuum cleaner to clear the mess. Use a cotton ball dipped into hair spray or alcohol to remove the stain. Further, you can use hydrogen peroxide for complicated stuff. You can make your carpet seem new with these products.
  4. Clothes: If you apply direct nail paint remover to the cloth, you may lose the color. Hence, you can remove the stain using a hairspray or you can try using 3% hydrogen peroxide. After that, send your clothes for laundry to remove any kind of odor. 
  5. Tiles: If you have ceramic or porcelain tiles at home, you can use a magic eraser after checking it is not harmful to the topcoats. Dip the magic eraser in water and squeeze the extra water. Scrub and erase the stains from the tile. Now, you are done with the stain removal.
  6. Hardwood Floors: Apply acetone nail remover on the cotton ball or a paper towel. Wipe the floor immediately and do not allow it to sit on the floor as it will damage the wooden surface.


Removing nail paint from any surface might be a difficult task especially when it comes to bond cleaning. If the stain is dried up, it is not easy to remove then we must use some remedies to clean it efficiently. In this blog, we have listed various areas where you can find the stains and remedies to remove them. You must be careful while using acetone, it is recommended to wear gloves while using it so that you can avoid any skin problems. Even some Government cleaning services recommend using hand gloves while working with acetone.

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